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Welcome to Hidemont Store

We are a flourishing workshop passionately devoted to leather goods production. We believe that when everyone is on the same wavelength, the result is not long in coming. Idea to idea, talent to talent. And here they are – high-quality, trendy, and exclusive leather items that fit your dynamic lifestyle. We all are in love with leather. We all are in love with what we do. And we want you to love it as well.

Hidemont leather goods


Innovative stylish and practical solutions to daily accessories require great attention to detail. Each piece is made of the finest, certified Italian leather, and complemented with top-notch hardware. Strictly following this principle, we make a little step further to resource preservation. Simple but efficient, our leather products will serve for generations.

Hidemont leather craftsmanship


Designing leather accessories, we want them to be as perfect for you as possible. We know what are the needs and tastes of contemporary people so we artistically combine them in functionality and refined finish. Bringing a personal touch to every item, we strive to make it a source of your self-expression and inspiration. We are glad that people around the world, in particular, from the US and EU countries, believe in our artistry. We are thankful for every objective feedback.

Theme Features

supplier dynasties
Supplier Dynasties

Our suppliers are leather craftsmen in the 3rd, 4th generation, their fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers who were engaged in the leather production in their workshops back in the 19th century and who supplied leather to the whole world.

quality materials
High-Quality Materials

We use only the finest Italian leather and durable hardware. We value that you choose our goods, that`s why we use only those materials in quality of which we are confident.

285.000 Stitches

are made by the artisan's hand every month. Thanks to this, his hand movements are accurate and carefully precise, like a clockwork mechanism, and our products are of impeccable quality.