I`d like to share some tips on how to take care of leather goods. Still, if you`re treating your favorite leather item for the first time, it`s better, first, to try any chemical substance on the smallest area of leather to be sure of its reaction.

Following these simple dos and don`ts, you`ll enjoy your best-loved leather items for many years ahead:

  • Do keep leather goods in a dry and well-aired room
  • When no need to use them for a long time, do keep leather goods in an original box or other eco-friendly bags
  • Do wipe leather goods with a clean and slightly moist cloth
  • Do use special cosmetic treatments to provide an additional level of protection
  • Don`t wash leather goods in a washing machine
  • Don`t iron leather goods
  • Don`t dry leather goods with any devices
  • Don`t steam-clean leather goods
  • Don`t get leather goods wet to clean them
  • Don`t clean leather goods with alcohol

Each leather type has its unique properties which define ways of care. Find your favorite leather type and learn what is specific of its keeping.

Care of Crazy Horse leather

Guided by my simple recommendations for care of Crazy Horse leather products, you will further emphasize their indescribable “antique” charm and preserve their beauty for many years to come.

  • To smooth the surface a little and remove scratches that are too intense in your opinion, you should wipe it with the most ordinary, slightly damp cloth made of cellulose.
  • Attention! In any case, do not use hygienic alcohol-containing wet wipes to smooth the surface of the skin! Alcohol has a detrimental effect on the texture of leather.
  • The slightest scratches on the leather can be smoothed out by rubbing them with your fingers.
  • Crazy Horse leather is hydrophobic. If the trouble could not be avoided and you were caught in the rain, allow the product to dry naturally, without using sources of intense heat (battery, hairdryer, etc.). If the product is wet, it must be slightly blotted with a dry clean cloth and allowed to dry naturally (do not use heating devices for drying, otherwise the leather will dry out and its surface will lose its original appearance and flexibility!!!), after drying, a thin layer of special skincare products or ordinary cosmetic cream can be applied to the front side of the product.
  • Buy a skin cream or conditioner for skincare in the store and periodically treat the products with it – this will allow you to keep their newness and attractiveness longer. If you do not have special skincare products, use a regular cream for your hands. Yet, I also recommend applying a little quantity of cream to the unnoticeable part of the product to see how leather will react. Before applying, wipe leather from dust and dirt with a soft, damp cloth.
  • When wiping the product with a damp cloth to eliminate small scratches, do not do it too intensively – strong friction can lead to a slight but noticeable change in the surface color and damage the leather texture.


To avoid color loss and the appearance of unpleasant odors during storage of leather products, follow the simple recommendations:

  • Store leather products in a dry, dark place, avoid direct sunlight, do not use sealed plastic bags, “breathable” covers made of natural materials are best suited, to prevent possible loss of shape during storage, bulky accessories (for example, leather bags) should be stuffed with old newspapers or other soft paper.

Suede/split cowhide leather

We should be always careful wearing suede leather. In case, you need to clean your suede item, you`re welcome to try these useful tips:

  • Avoid water. Water ruins material. The only exception is very critical situations when you can wipe the dirt with a slightly moisturized cloth. At first, the surface will darken from water but, when it dries out, it will be of the original color.
  • Use talc powder to treat wet stains.
  • Use special treatments to make suede water-resistant


Make sure your suede goods are stored in cold, dry, and dust-free rooms. In a well-ventilated space, suede will breathe and remain its original properties and appearance as long as possible. Do not keep suede in conditions of too high temperatures or too low humidity level, as the material will dry out. The perfect place for that will be a closet or a dressing room.

Keeping leather goods in special cloth bags is always a good idea.  

Pebbled leather

Use a clean, moist cloth to wipe leather but make sure it doesn`t have loose fibers. In fact, microfiber cloth will be the best choice.

If the item needs additional cleaning, you can use a brush to remove heavy dirt but do not push too hard.

To make it look much better, you can apply hand cream spreading it with a dry cloth.


Shell Cordovan

Shell Cordovan leather requires proper care, which will result in years of using. Here are some tips on how to keep your favorite material as good as new:

  • If you noticed some water spots, use a damp cloth for a quick wipedown. Then, apply some cream polish.
  • To get rid of small scratches and scuffs, use a stiff brush, applying some cream or conditioner.
  • To give the leather mirror shining, use some leather wax, spreading it with a soft brush and, then, polishing it with a clean, dry cloth.


  • Keep leather goods in a dry and clean area.
  • It`s better to store them inside cloth bags.
  • Do not use a humidor very close to a storage place, because it will reduce shell breathability.